Government Contracting

Government Contracting

NSCG is a full-service Government contracting firm, with experience and on-going past-performance in human resources, recruiting, marketing/advertising, social media support, interpreter services, sign-language interpreter services and information technology (IT) support.  We provide high quality services and personnel support to every project we manage.  NSCG's corporate leadership is comprised of combat Military Veterans with a passion for serving others.  This is exemplified by our innovative staffing and management model, paired with our corporate policy of 'people first.' 

Full-Service Social Media Management

You Run Your Business - We'll Run Your Social Media

Our Social Media Marketing Services are flexible, dynamic and monitored in real-time.  We provide on-time event management, or long-term social media strategy and support.  Our experience and ongoing past performance with clients such as the U.S. Army and U.S. Navy set us apart from our peers in that we deeply understand the importance of messaging and blending organic and paid approaches, content curation/development and graphic design into a winning strategy that produces tangible results for all of our clients.


Achieve Your Goals

With over a decade of senior leadership experience in the Department of Defense, NSCG provides strategic and operational consulting support to a variety of clients.  Our efforts can include but are not limited to relationship building, strategy development and execution, innovation, event planning and execution, as well as contract team building.  We have a passion for bringing the right client to the right customer at the right time, and produce results that make an impact.  

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